Mystery Method Forum And Mystery's Lounge - Myth Vs. Reality

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Mystery Method Forum Then And Now

At the time, the Mystery Method Forum was often confused with Mysterys Lounge which was incorrectly described in Neil Straus book The Game as being an msn group. In fact, there has never been a Mysterys Lounge MSN group. Mysterys Lounge was, in fact, a separate message board that was kept private and originally reserved for friends of Erik von Markovik, aka Mystery.

The Mystery Method Forum, or, as some people called it, Mysterys Forum, ironically had very little participation from Mystery at all, even if he was teaching pick up and seduction for the company called Mystery Method. Still, it became the most popular message board for aspiring pick up artists and men who wanted to improve their dating and relationship success.

Mystery Method Corporation changed its name to Love Systems in 2008 and much of the original Mystery Method Corporation team has stayed on. In fact, Love Systems has grown tremendously the last couple of years to the point where many of its pick up artist training programs (called bootcamps) are sold-out far in advance and is more popular than the old Mystery Method ever was.

Since the name change, some men looking for advice on Mystery Method openers, Mystery Method Routines, negs, or even analysis of the show The Pick Up Artist have thought that the Mystery Method Forum closed.

Actually, this is not the case. Even though you wont find much reference to the old Mystery Method days, it has recently been shown that the website contains the entire archive of the old Mystery Method Forum. In fact, it looks like the Mystery Method Forum simply changed its name and its url, but still offers all of the same services to its over 100,000 members.

The Strange Case of Mysterys Lounge

Mysterys Lounge had a very different history. In 2005, Erik von Markovik (Mystery) publicized Mysterys Lounge and offered free admission to anyone who enrolled in a bootcamp (pick up artist training) with the company then called Mystery Method.

Shortly after, Neil Strauss (aka Style) popularized Mysterys Lounge, though falsely identifying it as an msn group) in his book The Game. This led to a number of en around the world applying for membership in Mysterys Lounge. Top dating coach Nick Savoy, who was then President of Mystery Method Corporation (the company that Erik von Markovik worked for and called himself Mystery) was responsible for reviewing applications.

Today Mystery has very much faded from prominence in the pick up artist community and he does appear to be involved in Love Systems. Mysterys Lounge has undergone a similar transformation for a time it was simply called The Lounge and now it is known as the Love Systems Lounge.

According to the web-page, the Love Systems Lounge has the same strict entry criteria as the old Mysterys Lounge one must have successfully graduated from a high-quality PUA training program for admission. It remains free, private, and with lifetime membership. Because it is private and closed to outsiders, we are unable to determine more information at this time.
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The old Mysterys Lounge can be found today on the Love Systems website. As noted above, the old Mystery Method Forum has a new url but the old material is all available. For more on the book The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into bed:

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Mystery Method Forum And Mystery's Lounge - Myth Vs. Reality

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This article was published on 2010/10/08